I’m back and open for business!! Weddings! Portraits, Boudoir and Training!!


Well after 8 months away from Mike Hubbard Photography, I’m left with the challenge of getting business up and running again. But after 6 months in Afghanistan on the Army Combat Camera Team, the challenge I now face seems suitably small in comparison!

So what can you expect! LOTS! I’ve been back in the country nearly a month now, and only started working on my photography properly 2 weeks ago. In that time, I’ve attended numerous training courses, seminars, webinars and all sorts of self improvement “stuff”. All because I want to give you, my customers a great experience and more importantly amazing images! If you a looking for a car for renting for your next vacations click here to get good information.

Urban Portraits

I popped over to Bristol for a day to do some training with Damien Lovegrove where we worked on Urban Portraits, why? because I needed some inspiration, blow the desert dust of my cameras and get my head back in the game! Plus I’ve invested in new cameras and needed to give them a good run out. I’ve actually invested in alot of equipment since getting home, to take things to the next level. And with the combination of yet more training and new equipment it can only be good for you my customers! Here are some images from the Bristol shoot:

I now have the perfect shoot planned for around Shrewsbury which will capture imagery in this style, perfect for any one who wants some amazing photos! Female or Male, old or young, alot of teenagers are keen on shots like this these days. So mums treat your daughter to a fun shoot and some great images!



I’ve also got a couple of weddings booked already for this year. Weddings are a big deal for me this year and every year, I really enjoy shooting them. I must apologise to all those couples that contacted me in 2011 asking me to photograph there 2012 wedding, due to my forthcoming tour of Afghanistan I had to turn so many of you away! But thats not going to happen this year or the next I’m here to stay and I want to photograph your wedding!!

This weekend I met up with Marc and Claire to plan for there big day and as I always do we had an engagement shoot at the venue to get a feel for the camera and help get them comfortable with me taking there photos ahead of the wedding day. But also to provide them with photos for a signing book or Signing frame, which there guests can sign on the big day. here’s some of those images:


Family Portraits

And straight back into the family work, which I love! I met the Cheadles up at Haughmand hill near Shrewsbury and had a nice walk around and captured some cracking natural shots of the family having fun! By far the best way to get great photos of your family, steer clear of the stuffy studio and get out and have some fun!!! These booking are filling up fast so get in touch and book yourselves in!!


Over the coming month, I’m going to be working on some Boudoir shoots and packages. I am taking bookings for those now! So get in touch.

Basic DSLR Digital Photography Training

And finally, the biggest change for me as I re-launch the business, is I’m going to start providing training in photography, after 10 years of taking photos, I think its time to start sharing that knowledge. Which I’m actually really looking forward to!  I have my first weekend of training basic digital photography booked in for this month and 2 day courses planned for May, June and July, we will go from the complete basics of aperture and shutter, learn about exposure and composition, whilst also looking at editing in Adobe Lightroom 4. Plus much much more!

Full information can be found on my website http://www.mikehubbardphotography.co.uk/photography-training.php

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