6 Months in Afghanistan with the Army Combat Camera Team

Well I’m home now and getting ready to return to BT, I’m making the most of my time off and getting my photography business back into full swing! During the 6 months I spent in Helmand Province, Afghanistan I experienced so much! The job itself was a far cry from when I last deployed with an infantry company, ground holding in the green zone. With a blog entry like this, I would normally post lots of photos but as my job this time has been working as a video camera man dragging around a heavy video camera tower, I though I would show you all the videos I produced during my 6 month tour.

So here we go, all these videos were filmed and edited by me in Helmand province, Afghanistan.


Operation Tufaan (storm)


Combat Medical Technician


Apache Pilot (and Prince Harry)


Apache Arming Landing Point Commander


Senior Combat HR Specialist


Camp Souter (Kabul) Force Protection


CSE Show – entertaining troops


Gurkhas celebrate Dashain in Afghanistan


As well as my work filming everything that moved over the 6 months, towards the end of my tour I ended up on the other side of the camera! Some of you may have seen me on the TA Live adverts, these were a series of Live adverts broadcast from Afghanistan, it was an amazing experience and also the most nerve racking experience! Going out on Ops or patrols around Afghanistan I never got as nervous as I did moments before I went live to 10 Million people on a Saturday and Sunday night for 2 weekends!! in case you missed them here they are again!








So there you go, my experiences in video! I”ll be updating you all very soon on my plans for my photography business…

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