Open Joint Account Agreement

The other person to be included in the account is informed of the account contract to be signed by email, online message or text message. Electronic signing of the account contract is possible if the person to be included in the account is an operating customer and has op user IDs. Common Account for Household Food, Credit Payments or Renovation You can simply change your account spending/payment limits online. If you consider that these daily limits make the use of the account safer, you should define it. You can temporarily change the limit values if you make major purchases, for example.B. You can set two types of spending/disbursement limits for your account: The most convenient way to open a joint account is to log in to 1. Open a new current account 3. When opening the account, check to see if your KYC information is up to date. KYC stands for Know Your Customer, and this is information that all banks must ask their customers for.

To check your KYC information in English, open op-mobile on the front page and select More > My profile > KYC information. You can also check the information in Finnish in the service under grandmother profiili (My profile) after registration: Grandmother profiili > granny asiointi > Omat tiedot. A joint bank account is a current account dedicated to paying your budget expenses. Keeping pace with family finances is easy with a one-on-one account. You can always transfer a specific amount to that account. B your pay day. 4. The other person who must be included in the account must sign an account contract either on the electronic signature service or at a bank branch. The joint bank account is free for owner customers. For other customers, a fee is charged based on our list of fees and fees. Please note that the right to a free account requires all account holders to be owner-clients of the holding bank.

2. Send an online message asking for another account holder to be included in your account. Please include in the online message the following information: Surgical bonuses are used for the bank`s service fees and insurance premiums. Further confirmation is needed to change the spending/payment limits. We send an SMS to your mobile phone and you will check the information contained in the message before you accept the change. You should use the key code that corresponds to the serial number of the message to confirm the change. So keep a list of key codes on top of each other if you change the spending/payment limits. The amendment takes effect immediately after the acceptance of the subsequent confirmation. It is advisable to set spending/disbursement limits specific to each card, with which you set daily limits for cash withdrawals, monthly payments and online payments. The electronic signature service is available under

Registration is possible with user interface user IDENTIFIANTs personally. The documents to be signed can be displayed on the first page after registration. Funds and interest on deposits fall within the scope of the deposit guarantee up to the amount prescribed by law. From the point of view of deposit guarantee, the banks of the financial group OP are considered as one bank. For the common bank account, the terms and conditions apply to personal accounts. You can set separately the limits of the debit page and have your card. Additional Confirmation To change spending/payment limits You can change the limits by signing up for OP eServices, calling 0100 0500 or visiting a cooperative bank subsidiary of the group. Insurance premiums, such as home and auto insurance, will end the spending/payment limits have no impact on the amounts payable on the due date.

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